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Billy Maemon

Billy Maemon

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Billy Maemon

Maemon Mountain is one of the hidden gem coffee areas in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The coffee grows in rich soil with shade everywhere on the mountain, which helps enrich the coffee grown in this area and delivers beautiful fruitiness in your cup. Billy is the second generation of coffee farmers at Maemon Mountain, striving to improve the coffee processing to enhance the specialty coffee in the Maemon community to the next level, and we are proud to represent one of his works here at Newbery Street Coffee Roasters.

Origin : Maemon, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Producer/Farm : Billy Thanasak Yaeseoku, Akhaza Coffee

Process : Natural Anaerobic

Roast Profile : Light

Varieties : Mix varietal (Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Typica Catuai and Catimor)

Altitude : 1,350 m.a.s.l.

Tasting Notes : Red Cherry, Red Wine, Concord Grape

Size : 8oz. (227g)

Roasted : 4/22/2024

Coffee beans roasted by Newbery Street Coffee Roasters in Greater Boston


Coffee: 15g

Grind Size: Light

Brewer: OREA V3 MKII with Kalita Wave 185

Water: 92'C (Boston tap water with ZEROWATER: TDS 000)

Ending Time: ~1:50

 Time (s)

 Add Water (g)

 Total (g)
0:00 40 40 Circle Pour
0:30 40 80 Center Pour
0:50 70 150 Center Pour
1:20 70 220 Center Pour




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