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Ake Suwanno: Revolutionizing Thai Coffee Processing

Ake Suwanno stands at the forefront of a movement within the Thai coffee industry, pushing the boundaries of traditional coffee processing and elevating Thai coffee to global acclaim. His remarkable journey from a coffee processor to a pioneering scientist specializing in soil and nutrient management has reshaped the landscape of Thai coffee production.

At the heart of Ake's philosophy lies a deep-rooted belief in the significance of soil quality in shaping the flavor profile of coffee beans. With unwavering dedication, he meticulously selects only the finest ripe coffee cherries, recognizing that the journey to exceptional coffee begins long before the beans reach the roaster.

In 2012, Ake embarked on a visionary endeavor known as The First Valley Coffee project. Driven by a quest to unearth the perfect environment for coffee cultivation, he scoured the landscapes of Chiang Mai until he discovered Ban Mae Ton Luang, Thep Sadet, Doi Saket—a veritable oasis boasting the ideal soil composition and climate for year-round coffee farming.

Armed with a relentless pursuit of excellence, Ake delved into extensive research and development, forging partnerships with experts across various disciplines—from agricultural science to surveillance. However, his vision extended beyond the scientific realm; he recognized the invaluable contributions of local farmers and communities in nurturing the land and fostering a culture of innovation.

Central to Ake's pioneering efforts was the introduction of groundbreaking processing techniques. Through meticulous experimentation and refinement, he unveiled the Temp Controlled Double Anaerobic with Multi Microbes and Organic Compound Enhancement method—an innovation that would redefine the standards of coffee processing. By carefully controlling the fermentation process and harnessing the power of organic compounds, Ake achieved unparalleled depth and complexity in flavor, setting a new benchmark for Thai coffee excellence.

Ake Suwanno's transformative journey serves as a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and collaboration in shaping the future of the coffee industry. Through his unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, he has not only elevated Thai coffee to newfound heights but has also inspired a generation of coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals worldwide. As his story continues to unfold, Ake Suwanno remains a beacon of inspiration, guiding the way forward for Thai coffee on the global stage. At Newbery Street Coffee Roasters, we are excited and proud to share his coffee in the Greater Boston area.

Here is the selection of Ake Suwanno's Coffee at Newbery Street Coffee Roasters:

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