Create your own customized coffee bag, specially designed for your brand or special occasion. We offer 8oz and 4.2oz bag sizes with a minimum order quantity of 25 bags per coffee/design.

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General Questions

Do you have a cafe?

At the moment, no, we don't have a physical location. We are a cloud roasting company, and we roast our coffee in Shirley, MA.

Where can we buy your coffee?

You can buy our coffee online or visit our partners at Clear Flour Bread and Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, MA.

I heard you do pop-up

Yes, we have been hosting pop-up events, mostly in New York and Boston. If you're interested in learning more about where and when our next pop-up will be, please sign up for our newsletter. We frequently update it with event and coffee information.


What kind of classes do you offer?

Currently, we offer a basic pour-over class where you can learn from Pack Katisomsakul, our founder who won 3rd Place in the National Brewers Cup Championship 2024. If you are interested in this class, please leave your contact information and indicate your interest in the pour-over class in the FAQs section below.

Coffee Questions

What is Omni roast?

This roast level is between light and medium, allowing you to experience coffee as a filter, espresso, or even cold brew.

What is the best water temperature for the coffee?

We have four recommendations for the options. Most of our beans are between light and medium, and I would encourage starting with a light roast at 94°C / 201°F. Here are the recommended temperatures for different roasts:

Light - 94'C / 201'F

Omni - 90'C / 194'F

Medium - 88'C / 190'F

Dark - 85'C / 185'F

What grind size are you recommending?

Grind size recommendations really depend on the grinder and the brewing method.

Espresso: Grind very fine to ensure the shot is within the 30-40 second range.

Drip / Pour Over: Use a medium grind size, similar to the texture of sea salt.

French Press / Cold Brew: Grind very coarse.

When can the coffee bag be opened?

We recommend resting our coffee for about 14 days after the roasting date. We have discovered that our coffee performs better after 14 days, but it really depends on your preference. You can also start drinking it after 7 days. For natural, anaerobic natural, or other processes besides washed, the coffee will shine more after 14 days or more.

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