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Hey there, friends! I'm Pack Katisomsakul, the 3rd Place US National Brewers Cup Champion of 2024, the guy who's passionate about roasting exceptional coffee just for you. My journey has taken me all around the globe alongside my wonderful wife. I've dabbled in various fields like travel tech, hospitality, and catering startups, but it was the world of coffee that truly stole my heart.

During the pandemic, coffee became my savior and showed me that when brewed with love and care, it's nothing but pure magic. One of the best cups I ever had was thanks to a remarkable farmer named Billy from Akhaza Coffee Farm. That experience sparked a fire within me, and I became determined to be a part of Thailand's amazing coffee revolution. After three incredible years in the industry, my dream of starting a coffee roasters came true, giving birth to Newbery Street Coffee Roasters.

Newbery Street is more than just a passion project; it's an endless journey of discovering the fascinating stories behind each cup of coffee. I believe that coffee should be a delightful adventure, and today, I'm excited to bring you the vibrant coffee vibes from Asia, starting with Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. Join me on this amazing tour as we explore the unique flavors and charms of Thai coffee and beyond.

Consider me your friendly tour guide through the captivating world of coffee. Together, we'll dive into the lives of dedicated coffee producers, explore different roasting styles, and unravel the countless wonders that coffee has to offer. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable coffee adventure with Newbery Street.

Cheers to traveling the world of coffee together!

Pack Katisomsakul

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