Akhaza Coffee - From Imagination to Reality

Akhaza Coffee - From Imagination to Reality

Have you ever witnessed a coffee farmer weep over his dream, then turn it into reality? I once beheld greatness on a special farm. Not only did it transform people, the community, and the farmer himself in their pursuit of their coffee dream, but it also rescued me during the darkest period of my life by sending me one coffee bag which show me that coffee can taste like red cherry juice.

I am Pack Katisomsakul, the 3rd National US Brewers Cup Champion of 2024, and today I wish to share the remarkable tale of Akhaza Coffee, the farm that forever altered my life and introduced me to the world of specialty coffee.

Billy is a coffee farmer whose passion for coffee knows no bounds. I've never encountered anyone who cherishes coffee as deeply as he does. Every moment, every second, every breath for Billy revolves around coffee. He hails from Maemon Mountain in Chiang Rai, where coffee thrives abundantly. Billy is the second generation of coffee farmers in his family.

In a region where specialty coffee was scarcely understood, Billy was among the few who recognized its value. While most farms focused on mass production for corporate giants, Billy envisioned a future where Maemon's coffee could transcend mere commercialism. This conviction led him to defy market norms.

Billy's journey was marked by sacrifices—losses of family and friendships—yet he persevered. He dedicated himself to producing top-tier coffee, experimenting with various processes, conducting over nine experiments annually, a significant feat for a small farm like Akhaza Coffee.

Although the accolades were slow to arrive, with specialty coffee still in its nascent stage in Thailand, Billy remained steadfast in his pursuit of coffee excellence. From enhancing soil quality to refining the roasting process, he left no stone unturned in his quest for perfection.

Coffee became Billy's source of excitement and innovation. Despite lacking significant capital, he ingeniously crafted his roaster from a gas tank, determined to learn and improve every aspect of coffee roasting. His passion drove him to understand the nuances of aroma, flavor, acidity, sweetness, and body, catering to the discerning tastes of his customers.

As an Akha, Billy's journey began from the ground up—cultivating, harvesting, processing, and drying the coffee beans himself. His goal was to differentiate his coffee while elevating its quality. With unwavering dedication, Billy propelled Akhaza Coffee to the forefront of Thailand's coffee scene. I personally witnessed this transformation during the rise of third-wave coffee in Thailand, sharing cold showers in the mountains with Billy's family until he installed a water heater, ensuring warmth during my subsequent visits to his farm.

At Newbery Street Coffee Roasters, we take immense pride in introducing Billy Coffee from Thailand, flown directly to Boston from Maemon. This allows you to savor the passion and authentic flavors of Thai coffee firsthand.

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