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Biru Bekele Coffee

The Biru Bekele Wash Station stands as a significant establishment in the coffee-producing region of Odo Shakiso, Guji, nestled within the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Renowned for its crucial role in the transformation of raw coffee cherries into the sought-after beans that captivate coffee enthusiasts globally, this facility is a testament to the region's dedication to exceptional coffee.

Named after its visionary founder, Biru Bekele, the washing station was established with the intent of elevating the region's coffee production capabilities. Armed with over 18 years of experience as a coffee grower, Biru Bekele recognized the intrinsic potential of the region's coffee, characterized by its unique flavors and aromas. To amplify the quality and processing techniques, Biru Bekele inaugurated the washing station's operations in 2019.

Serving as a central nexus, the Biru Bekele Wash Station welcomes freshly harvested coffee cherries from the surrounding farms, overseeing a meticulous procession of processing steps. What truly sets the Biru Bekele Wash Station apart is its steadfast commitment to natural processing methods. In this approach, coffee cherries are allowed to dry with the fruit still intact, leading to nuanced flavors that resonate within the beans. Noteworthy in Biru Bekele's coffee journey is a specialized variant of the natural process – the introduction of Cimma yeast during the fermentation stage. This augmentation refines the fermentation process, bestowing a distinct flavor profile that epitomizes Biru Bekele's coffee beans.

Nestled within an elevation range of 1,800 to 2,100 meters above sea level, the local climate and soil conditions further contribute to the exceptional quality of coffee crafted at the Biru Bekele Wash Station. Revered for its rich flavors, unique profiles, and aromatic allure, the coffee cultivated here stands as a testament to the potential of the region.

Adding a unique note to this narrative, the Newbery St. team is profoundly honored to feature a coffee from Biru Bekele's special lot – a showcase of the Natural Cimma Yeast process. This exquisite offering delivers an intricate medley of Blueberry, Purple Grape, and Raspberry flavors. It is our sincerest hope that you have the opportunity to experience the grandeur of this coffee and relish its brew in our coffee. As you savor each sip, may you partake in the legacy of Biru Bekele and the artistry woven into every cup.
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