Evan Piepenbrink, the founder of An(other) Coffee Company - Newbery St.

Evan Piepenbrink, the founder of An(other) Coffee Company

When the search for that perfect cup of Pink Bourbon or Java brew leads to recommendations echoing, "Local roasters like A, B, C—check them out," it sparks a delightful journey.

Today, I'd like to shine a light on a local gem nestled in Greater Boston—An(other) Coffee Company. Their magical touch has been transforming our local coffee scene.

Evan Piepenbrink, the founder of An(other) Coffee Company

You'll find An(other) Coffee Company's beans in numerous cafes and stores, tempting the taste buds and sparking curiosity about the maestro behind these captivating flavors. I first met Evan at Broadsheet Coffee Roasters during the latte art throwdown event. A tall figure, Evan, introduced himself as "Evan from An(other) Coffee." That simple greeting sparked a lasting friendship.

Broadsheet Coffee Roasters

Evan Piepenbrink isn't just a coffee roaster; he's a virtuoso in selecting and nurturing coffee beans. As a fellow roaster, I admire Evan's talent for crafting impeccably clean flavors with just the right touch of complexity. His focus on roasting washed coffee resonates deeply with my own morning ritual—a shared love for a particular style of coffee.

In our chats, Evan's passion for his craft radiates. His devotion to coffee mirrors my own enthusiasm. Evan's mission revolves around sharing his coffee creations across Boston while tirelessly educating everyone about the artistry in every sip. His love for music and tennis adds depth to his character. He draws parallels between playing tennis and roasting coffee—the dedication, practice, and repetition needed to master both, focusing on those intricate moments demanding time and understanding.

Evan Piepenbrink, the founder of An(other) Coffee Company and Pack Katisomsakul Newbery Street Coffee Roaster

To dive deeper into Evan's world, I had the privilege of interviewing him. Check out our engaging conversation on YouTube.

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