How to Brew Pour Over Coffee with Newbery Street

How to Brew Pour Over Coffee with Newbery Street

Simple and easy, that's how I want to start my morning, turning into my good, solid technique for brewing coffee at home.

Newbery Street Coffee Roasters, a beloved local coffee roastery in Boston, was founded in 2023 by Pack Katisomsakul, who later became the US National Brewers Cup Champion in 2024. The company was born from a deep passion for crafting coffee that is both simple and delicious, utilizing the most straightforward brewing methods possible.

Today, we're excited to share our simple approach to brewing filter coffee at our roastery. In a world flooded with intricate recipes, some challenging to follow and others overly technical, we believe in simplicity. For us, coffee should be effortless to enjoy and seamlessly integrate into your morning routine, becoming a delightful ritual you can rely on day after day.

Step 1: Boiling water to 94'C (~201'F) 

Step 2: Grind 15g of coffee as small as sea salt

Step 3: Place your paper filter to dripper and raise it with water

Step 4: Add ground coffee to the dripper

Step 5: Blooming coffee with 50g of water

Step 6: Second pour with 60g of water 

Step 7: Third pour with 70g of water

Step 8: Forth pour with 60g of water

Here is the table step if some of you would be more familiar with it.

 Time (s)
 Add Water (g)
 Total (g)
0:00 50 50 Circle Pour
0:30 60 110 Center Pour
0:50 70 180 Center Pour
1:20 60 240 Center Pour

Total brew time should be about 1:50 - 2:10

Explore our coffee collection and enjoy pouring at home with our range of coffee beans.

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