Embracing the Next Wave of Coffee Artistry: Meet Josh from Little Wolf - Newbery St.

Embracing the Next Wave of Coffee Artistry: Meet Josh from Little Wolf

At the heart of Ipswich, Massachusetts, a rising star in the world of specialty coffee, Josh Little Wolf, has been making waves. Stepping into the world of caffeinated excellence at Little Wolf Coffee Roasters, I was privileged to meet this extraordinary barista whose was the early customer at Newbery Street Coffee Roaster in curiosity for Thai Specialty Coffee bean.

Little Wolf Coffee Roaster in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Josh Nowland, not just a barista but he's also the youngest judge ever Cup of Excellence and compete in the Coffee Master competitions. His youthful energy is matched only by his deep-rooted passion for elevating the coffee experience within our communities.

Josh Little Wolf Coffee Roaster

What sets Josh apart is not just his skill but his global odyssey in pursuit of coffee knowledge. He traversed lands, from the vibrant coffee plantations of Honduras to the yet undiscovered trend of Taiwanese coffee culture. Sharing his experience judging the Taiwan Cup of Excellence in 2023 before before reaching 21, Josh marveled at the paradox of high-quality coffee production in Taiwan coupled with its relatively low yield. He even quipped about finding specialty coffee served at 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan, a testament to the nation's coffee fervor.

Coffee didn't just become a part of Josh's life; it transformed it. At 15, he stumbled upon coffee's potential in aiding his diet, but the journey led him down a rabbit hole of fascination, love, and unending quest for mastery in the world of coffee.

Josh Nowland Little Wolf and Pack Katisomsakul 50 Milk Street

Josh is on a mission to share his ardor for exceptional brews with patrons and enthusiasts alike. His favorite of choice of brewers? The Tricolate Brewer - a no-bypass brewing marvel that not only accentuates the bright acidity of coffee but also catapults extraction percentages beyond conventional boundaries.

The Tricolate device has a number of innovative features that separates it as the most advanced filter coffee brewer yet.

For those seeking an unparalleled specialty coffee experience, Little Wolf stands tall as a must-visit destination. And there, amidst the aroma of freshly roasted beans, you'll find Josh, ready to regale you with tales of his coffee expeditions and, more importantly, serve you a cup of his meticulously curated exceptional brews.

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