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Light Roast Coffee Bean

What is Light Roast Coffee Bean?
Light roast coffee refers to coffee beans that have been roasted for a relatively shorter duration at lower temperatures compared to medium or dark roast coffee. During the light roasting process, the coffee beans are heated until they reach an internal temperature of approximately 356°F to 401°F (180°C to 205°C).

Lighter color
Light roast coffee beans have a light brown color and may even retain some of their original green hue. They are generally lighter in appearance compared to beans roasted to a higher degree.

Higher acidity
Light roast coffee tends to have a higher acidity level compared to darker roasts. This acidity can contribute to a bright and lively taste profile, with a tangy or crisp sensation on the palate.

More caffeine content
Contrary to popular belief, light roast coffee actually contains slightly more caffeine than darker roasts. The roasting process doesn't significantly alter the caffeine content, but the perception of caffeine strength can vary due to the lighter flavor profile.

Retained moisture
Light roasting involves shorter roasting times, which means that the beans retain more moisture compared to darker roasts. This moisture content can contribute to a crisper and brighter brew.

Nuanced flavors
Light roast coffee often exhibits nuanced flavors that can be described as complex, floral, fruity, tea-like, or even grassy. These flavors are a result of the specific coffee bean variety, the terroir, and the roasting process itself.

At Newbery St., we are passionate specialty coffee roasters who truly believe in the illuminating power of light roast coffee. By roasting our beans to perfection, we aim to showcase the remarkable stories of the farmers behind them. Join us and savor the exceptional flavors that emerge, as we strive to provide you with the finest expression of every coffee bean.
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