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Natural Anaerobic Coffee

What is Natural Anaerobic Coffee?

The natural anaerobic coffee process is a method of coffee processing that involves fermenting coffee cherries in a controlled anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment. It is a variation of the traditional natural processing method and is gaining popularity in specialty coffee production.

The natural anaerobic process can result in distinct and complex flavor profiles in the coffee bean. The controlled fermentation environment allows for the development of unique fruity, floral, or wine-like flavors, as well as increased sweetness and acidity. Each coffee producer or region may have their specific variations and techniques within the natural anaerobic process, leading to a wide range of flavor possibilities.

Our Brazil coffee bean is the Natural Anaerobic from Fazenda do Juquinha by Ivan Prado de Melo and Weder Batista. Because of the Natural Anaerobic, the coffee is juicy with a strong hint of green apple flavor. There is also a beautiful nutty character and malic acid from hot to cold. The taste of this coffee allows you to experience a yellow and orange fruit-like with a soft body mouthfeel and the green apple flavor through the end.


Natural Anaerobic Coffee
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