Thailand Specialty Coffee Awards 2023 - Newbery St.

Thailand Specialty Coffee Awards 2023

Today was a remarkable day as we indulged in the exquisite flavors of coffee presented by The Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand (SCATH). Established to uplift Thai coffee growers, SCATH passionately promotes their top-tier coffees through meticulous evaluation across various stages of a competition.

In the company of a few dear friends – Jacob, Evan, Andrew, Sean, and Chel – all eager to delve deeper into the realm of Thai coffee, we savored each sip. Our collection included the victorious coffees ranked 1st, 5th, 6th, and 9th from Thailand, a testament to the dedication of the skilled coffee farmers who triumphed in this esteemed competition. Their success resonates widely: firstly, highlighting the higher quality of Thai coffee; secondly, propelling Thai coffee's recognition within the international market; and thirdly, instilling a heightened dedication among farmers to enhance coffee quality and subsequently secure better prices.

The discussions we engaged in were immersive, underlining not only the delectable nature of Thai coffee but also its role in propelling us toward a more promising future.

As we anticipate the upcoming launch, we, at Newbery St Coffee Roaster., are brimming with excitement and pride as we prepare to showcase the excellence of Thai Coffee bean.

Pack and his Speciality Coffee Friends
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