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The Adventure of Thai Coffee in the Specialty Coffee World

Ever heard of Thai coffee? It might not be on everyone's radar, unlike Thai food, tea, or desserts. Chatting with friends and fellow coffee enthusiasts in the U.S., it struck me how Thailand's coffee scene flies under the radar.

Truth is, finding Thai coffee outside Thailand is a bit of a quest. The country's love for coffee keeps most of it within borders—importing beans racks up costs. Thailand boasts both Arabica and Robusta varieties, with the north favoring Arabica and the south loving Robusta. But here's the kicker: only around 10,000 tons of Arabica beans are produced annually, not much compared to other coffee hotspots.

Mae Chan Tai Thai coffee
Photo by i.din The Local Coffee

Yet, quality-wise, Thai coffee holds its own. Farmers have really nailed down their processes, experimenting with different coffee strains and cool fermentation techniques like the LTLH (Low-temperature Low-humidity) method. These advancements keep the coffee quality top-notch, so much so that big names like the Cup of Excellence are now eyeing Thai coffee for auctions.

What sets Thailand apart is its whole supply-and-demand dance. Unlike some other places, here, everyone involved—coffee drinkers, roasters, and farmers—talks directly. This close-knit connection has pushed Thai coffee standards sky-high in record time.

Jane Veraworawet Thailand — 2023 World Barista ChampionshipPhoto by Jane Veraworawet

And, on the world stage, Thai coffee's making moves! Jane Veraworawet won the 13th spot in the 2023 World Barista Championship in Athens, Greece, using coffee from the ace farmer, Mr. Aek Suwanno, who's totally revolutionizing northern Thai coffee.

We're pretty jazzed about the future of Thai coffee. At Newbery Street Coffee Roaster in Greater Boston, we're all in on this journey. We want to bring Thai coffee right to you here in the U.S., sharing the joy of those amazing flavors straight from Thailand. Cheers to the coffee adventure ahead!

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