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The Colombia Coffee

Colombian coffee bean holds a treasured position among our global favorites, celebrated for its intricate and rich flavors, a testament to the unique growing conditions fostered by high-altitude mountain ranges and volcanic soils. This profound affinity for coffee in Colombia traces its roots back to the 18th century when Jesuit priests introduced coffee plants to the region. Over the centuries, coffee has played a central role in Colombia's economy and culture, helping mold the nation's identity. The Colombian Coffee Federation, established in 1927, has played a vital role in promoting and regulating coffee production.

Colombian coffee predominantly features Arabica beans, including the distinct "Colombia" variety, a hybrid of Caturra and Timor bred to combat diseases. Alongside it, you'll find common varieties like Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Geisha, Castillo, and Tabi, each contributing to the diverse tapestry of flavor profiles. What unites Colombian coffee is its unwavering consistency in delivering a well-balanced, less bitter cup with delightful notes of bright citrus, caramel, and chocolate when brewed.

The true allure of Colombian coffee lies in its extensive collection of single-origin offerings, thoughtfully curated by talented producers and roasters. These selections promise a unique and distinctive coffee experience, allowing you to savor the captivating and diverse flavors of Colombia's coffee regions.

Here at Newbery St. Coffee Roaster, while we deeply appreciate the excellence of Colombian coffee, we also eagerly explore new horizons. As a passionate Thai coffee company deeply rooted in Thai coffee culture, we actively seek out and support emerging and talented coffee farmers from various regions, promising you an exciting journey through the world of coffee in the near future.
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