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Here is the Story of How I Became a Coffee Roaster!

What does coffee mean to me? It's a question I pondered deeply before embarking on my journey into the art of roasting. This journey began with a visit to Billy at Akhaza Coffee, a remarkable farmer who had transformed his passion for specialty coffee into a thriving roastery. Witnessing Billy's ingenuity firsthand was awe-inspiring. Starting with just a fire extinguisher, gas, and a thermometer, he fashioned his own roasting equipment, crafting over 10 roasters from scratch, the largest boasting a capacity of 15kg. Billy's dedication and curiosity about coffee roasting's potential to enhance quality and processes were truly remarkable.

After observing Billy's roasting process on the farm, I was eager to try my hand at roasting Thai coffee in a small batch using his handcrafted machine. I can still vividly recall the excitement of igniting the gas, loading the green coffee beans, and patiently awaiting the "first crack" that signaled the coffee's readiness. The next morning, as we savored the fruits of our labor together, I felt a profound sense of connection to the craft. Billy's guidance didn't end there; he also taught me how to roast coffee using a small pot, a technique steeped in tradition from the northern part of Thailand. This introduction to roasting ignited a passion within me, akin to that of a chef perfecting their culinary creations.

Upon returning to Bangkok, my thirst for knowledge led me to seek guidance from local roasters, gradually honing my skills through observation and practice. In 2020, I took a significant leap forward by acquiring a second-hand Ikawa Pro2 at a bargain price, marking the beginning of a new chapter in my roasting journey.

Formal education in roasting began with Morten Münchow, a renowned figure in the industry, at CoffeeMind. Under Morten's tutelage, I delved deep into the intricacies of coffee sampling and the science behind roasting. With the Ikawa as my canvas, I experimented tirelessly, gradually refining my technique. Transitioning to production roasting with a Giesen at a co-roasting space in Thailand presented its challenges, prompting me to further my education with the SCA Roasting Intermediate class at Espresso Academy. Here, I gained invaluable insights into measuring roasting quality through color and taste, laying a solid foundation for my journey ahead.

Meeting Alexandru Niculae, the World Coffee Roasting Champion 2016, was a pivotal moment. Alex's mentorship pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraging me to embrace experimentation and problem-solving in my roasting endeavors. Relocating to the U.S. introduced me to the Loring roaster, a new challenge I navigated with the help of friends like Gabriel Carol, whose expertise proved invaluable in mastering this new equipment.

Despite the inevitable setbacks and challenges, each experience has been a stepping stone towards growth. The thrill of delivering exceptional coffee to customers continues to drive me forward. As I continue to hone my craft in the U.S., I am reminded of the endless possibilities for learning and improvement that lie ahead. This is just the beginning of my story, and I invite you to join me on this journey. If you're curious to taste the results of our efforts, please consider ordering a cup of my coffee and sharing your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my roasting journey at Newbery Street Coffee Roasters - Specialty Thai Coffee Roasters in greater Boston.

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