Meet Erik Modahl, the Founder of Beantrust Coffeebar - Newbery St.

Meet Erik Modahl, the Founder of Beantrust Coffeebar

Have you met Erik? Yes, Erik with a "K." If you're in Boston, whether at a corporate office or a co-working space, you've probably heard of the "Erik Coffee Guy." Erik Modahl is a beloved figure in the Boston and Cambridge coffee scene, known for his infectious positive energy and pioneering spirit. If you ask me about specialty coffee in Boston, Erik Modahl was at the forefront of this exciting movement. He's also friends with the legendary George Howell, a key figure in the specialty coffee world.

In Beverly, everyone knows about Beantrust Coffeebar, a charming little café on Hale St. This small but mighty spot brings joy to everyone who visits in the morning. The staff, including Sarah, Liv, and Corrina, are the friendliest you'll ever meet. Beantrust feels like a family café where everyone knows each other. Customers receive more than just a greeting; the baristas make an effort to learn about them personally. It's common to see patrons chatting and bonding with the baristas, creating an atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else.

Erik Modahl is also a friend of Pack Katisomsakul, the owner of Newbery Street Coffee Roasters in Greater Boston. Their friendship, which began over 10 years ago, continues to thrive. Erik is passionate about improving the coffee community and believes in transparency. This commitment sets Beantrust apart. Unlike many places, Beantrust proudly shares the origins of their coffee and tea, supporting local vendors in the process.

One exciting result of Erik and Pack's collaboration is the special Jazz Blend, available exclusively at Beantrust. This unique blend combines 80% Merlaeku Family coffee from Thailand with 20% Biru Bekele coffee from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. The blend was born from a fun experiment where Erik and Pack mixed coffees while brewing and discovered delightful blueberry muffin notes while listening to jazz music at the café. This blend harmoniously represents Thai and Ethiopian coffee traditions.

If you want to experience the Jazz Blend, head north from Boston to Beverly and visit Beantrust Coffeebar. This is where the magic of Beantrust and Newbery Street comes together to create an unforgettable coffee experience.


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