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Merlaeku Family

Merlaeku Family

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This coffee hails from the Doi Pangkhon community in Chiang Rai, comprising 300 households where they predominantly cultivate Catuai, Typica, Chiang Mai, and SJ133 coffee varieties. The commendable work of Beanspire, who collaborated closely with the producer in 2015, significantly enhanced coffee quality in the region. Subsequently, the Merlaeku Brothers, representing an Akha Ethnic group consisting of Apae, Asor, Nat, Amae, and Bas, joined the initiative, collectively with Beanspire delivering exceptional coffee to your doorstep.

The coffee underwent a "Kenya-style" Washed process at the Doi Pangkhon wet mill, drawing inspiration from the double fermentation Washed method commonly practiced in Kenya. Initially, cherries were pulped without water, followed by wet fermentation, a brief soaking, and a thorough washing process to eliminate any lingering mucilage. The washed parchment coffee was then meticulously dried on elevated bamboo beds for a minimum of 14 days. Subsequently, it was relocated to a lowland area to complete the drying process, ensuring optimal humidity levels. This meticulous process imparts a beautiful and delicate fruit flavor, reminiscent of jackfruit and green apple, to the coffee.

Origin : Doi Pangkhon, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Producer/Farm : Merlaeku Family, Beanspire Coffee

Varieties : Catuai, Typica, Chiang Mai, SJ133

Altitude : 1,350 m.a.s.l.

Process : Kenia Style - Washed

Tasting Notes : Brown Sugar, Sugarcane, Lime

Recommend for : Both Filter and Espresso

Size : 8oz. (227g)


Thailand Merlaeku Family Washed Filter Recipe:

Coffee: 15g

Grind Size: Medium

Brewer: OREA V3 MKII with Kalita Wave 185

Water: 96'C (Boston tap water with ZEROWATER: TDS 000)

Ending Time: ~2:00

 Time (s)  Add Water (g)  Total (g)
0:00 40 40 Circle Pour and swirl
0:30 40 80 Center Pour
0:55 70 150 Center Pour
1:30 175 225 Center Pour

This coffee is very sweet and caramelized, with a hint of hazelnut at the beginning when it's hot. As it warms up, the acidity of lime emerges in the cup. When cold, it transforms into a flavor reminiscent of ginseng.

Coffee beans roasted by Newbery St. Coffee Roaster in Greater Boston.

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