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Newbery St.

Sopa Omkoi

Sopa Omkoi

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Sopa’s Estate began with a sustainable forest project initiated by Sopa, the woman empowering those who care about Omkoi Forest. She helped transform it and bring back Omkoi forest by growing coffee, replacing opium, which is illegal in Thailand. Sopa has assisted many households in starting to earn money in the right way and has become one of the top coffee processors in Omkoi, Chiang Mai. Additionally, she won 1st place in THAILAND EXCELLENT COFFEE, a nonprofit organization that grades coffee in Thailand.

Origin : Maetoey, Omkoi, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Producer/Farm : Sopa's Estate

Process : Washed

Roast Profile : Omni

Varieties : Mix varietal 

Altitude : 1,200 - 1,300 m.a.s.l.

Tasting Notes : Orange, Stone fruit, Grapefruit

Size : 8oz. (227g)

Coffee beans roasted by Newbery Street Coffee Roasters in Greater Boston


Coffee: 15g

Grind Size: Medium

Brewer: OREA V3 MKII with Kalita Wave 185

Water: 92'C (Boston tap water with ZEROWATER: TDS 000)

Ending Time: ~2:10

 Time (s)

 Add Water (g)

 Total (g)
0:00 40 40 Circle Pour
0:30 40 80 Center Pour
0:50 80 160 Center Pour
1:15 80 240 Center Pour




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